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Father words of success, horoscope and perception

The other day, I met my friend Hemant Jain, and we had a small chit chat over Kahawa (a tea), sharing about life, my friend shared his father wisdom to me, his experience about his father wisdom were valid in any era,

My friend Hemant has a horoscope which was given to analysis to a reader, who after analyzing shared to his father that your son will keep on studying, knowing the fact that Hemant was not a good student in studies, his father noted the words of astrologer but didn't shared with my friend,

Father, a hero in itself

My friend was average in studies with percentage of anywhere between 50-60%, and by grace of God he took commerce, time traveled and he planned to become chartered accountant but at that time passing marks were around 50-60% in CA, which according to him was difficult to achieve, knowing himself being average,

One day my friend Hemant was little disturbed and depressed knowing the facts about CA, his father noticed and asked him what is the problem, Hemant shared the same chaos to his father,

His father said, relax kid, what is the percentage generally he achieves, Hemant said between 50-60%, his father said, you are already achieving what the exam require, so you have already done it, just try your best and give exams without any second thoughts,

By God grace and hard work of my friend Hemant, he became the qualified and successful CA, over the years, his father shared about the astrologer predictions that he will keep on studying,

Educate many through you and knowledge

Now is the twist in life path, as per horoscope he will keep on studying whole life, perception 1, since he was average in studies, he might have studied whole life to excel and not able to reach anywhere, perception 2, since he became CA, and being CA, he has to be updated with new laws and policies, so he is studying now also, but with different mindset,

He is studying to educate many more kids and professionals to become CA and to use that knowledge in his profession also,

In life, the important is working hard and not quitting, quitters never win and winners never quit,

that is my friend Hemant Jain, and no doubt, his father supported him in thick and thin, a time when entire world was against Hemant to try for CA,

We need to understand and respect our parents words because they are our parents and will never try to show us the wrong path, have faith,

Had his father not motivated him, I think he would had been studying but not studying to educate many and make them stand apart,

Think, what perception you carry, on horoscope, parental guidance and your faith on self and parents words,

Believe in stars, but work hard to be a star

Life has its own twist and turn but having faith in self is must and above that the one who loves you unconditionally are most important to be believed,

I had my learning of the day from my friend because each one is my guru in learning, said adios to him and left for my next temporary destination,

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