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Everyone reaches victory line

While watching the relay race one day, I thought we all must have watched and some might have taken part too in a relay race or to say any kind of race,

Each participant starts to run from starting point at the gunshot, and they run and run, finally, some win some lose,

But a big lesson we all can learn from the race, that is everyone who takes part in the race, gradually reaches the finish line, some reach early while some later but they do reach,

the track of life one has to walk
Track is same

Once we arrive here with a bang i.e crying, our race starts, but a compliment is, we all reach the finish line or victory line, until and unless some natural calamity is not there,

How beautiful, isn't it, think, we just require to keep trying, do not give up, you will reach there and can better yourself after every milestone and after every step,

The whole idea is to keep on moving because if you give up, you will either become stale or evaporate, so keep evolving yourself, and keep passing the knowledge acquired sans ego,

Don't give up, you are doing fine, don,t get tired

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