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Every breathe we live, every breathe we die

We should be thankful for each breath we inhale or exhale, why, because we live and die in each inhale and exhale,

What is death, extended exhale and what is life, being able to inhale, although it is reflex action we always can be thankful to Divine creation for the breathing we are enjoying,

Throughout our life, we never realize the gifts and blessings we have been bestowed, we take them for granted and keep ignoring them, rather being grateful we keep chasing and running for something better and better,

Truth is, you have already received the best since your birth,

From the day you are incepted, you are bestowed with breathing, inhale and exhale, and over the years we breathe, on an average, the person who lives to 80 will take about 672,768,000 breaths in a lifetime,

Any gift bestowed to us is for sharing, like kids, playing with all, sharing love, laughter, and blessings,

That is a lot of breathing for our life, and just think where and how we waste this precious gift, just think,

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