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Dual life and art of Oneness

Are you living dual life or dual face, find out and be ONE,

No matter how modern and sophisticated we are, but don’t we pray and believe in God, if we do so, then everything is just void expression of our duality,

We all live dual life, one for world and one for self, and when two life exist, the clash and chaos takes birth, because we forget our own existence and intermingle two life through truth and lies, we forget the reality of our existence and start changing the tracks of our journey back and forth,

Be who you are, illusion of self is painful

How to avoid dual life,

Just be who you are, just be what you are, you don't have to match with the world joy, happiness and existence, you are you, unique and beautiful,

Why you want to lie between two life, why you want to build a castle of dreams on lies, on something which you are not, and when this castle breaks, we also breaks, sharing with world, why I fail, why my luck is so bad, I try so hard every time but still I fail in, fail in business, fail in relations etc, not blaming self but again we blame world, how beautiful

Reasons maybe many for our dual life, but eternal truth is, to achieve larger then life dreams we become dual, we give birth to two faces, duality never helps in our life journey, and then we start to crumble under the pressure of maintaining the two of us within,

Travel easy

That’s why "oneness" is term, which came into existence and took birth, because we are gradually become tired and exhausted by maintaining the records of two within,

Oneness with self, simply means oneness with soul, self means divine within, what you are is you are, truth and when we are truth, we are nothing but bliss for self within, forget about world, you are not living for world, and if you are living for world, you are in biggest illusion,

You are living to be who you are, the soul you are, the purpose of existence is not to be what world want but be what you are,

Yes, perhaps we are tuned like that from our childhood and it becomes a practice, 'Oneness'to realize the divine within needs to be practised now atleast

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