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Do you reason your reaction?

In life we experience, we cry, we laugh, we sing, we love, we hate, but did we ever thought, why you and I do it and act the way we are, why are we not always happy and peaceful, why there is turmoil in our mind, why do we do it in the way we are,

The reason is simple, what we are from the original inside (soul) we will never be able to become outside (mortal body),

A small example is, let us say I go to Church or Mosque or Temple every morning, due to some reason I am unable to do my daily visit, what will happen, my entire day will be regretful, sad and in turmoil, missing something all the day long,

Forgetting the simple fact, we have Divine presence within us and whatever is happening through us is for a reason, if we missed the visit to a sacred place, it is for a reason,

Rather we becoming sad, regretful and in turmoil, we should get over this feeling and try to realize, that something better is waiting for us, it is the Divine guidance and HIS plan, try to look beyond,

In reality, nothing is our in this world, we are for no one and no one is for us, we came empty-handed and we will depart empty-handed, our governance is beyond our mortal body and mortal soul,

Understanding this reality, there will exist no reason to be sad or regretful, when we elevate ourselves from our body and its feelings,

Realizing the truth behind it, we will laugh at the reason for which we were being sad and regretful, because we start to see life beyond life or from a different realistic perception, thus ending all our doubts and illusions of life, making our life a life of eternal smile and peace,

And this is what we always long for, you or me, for eternal peace and happiness,

Just try to think beyond the event,

Reason yourself, think before you react, give time to yourself, everything is for reason, everything is with the plan, you or I are no different, to see eternal bliss, feel beyond bodily bliss,

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