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disadvantages and advantages by 8th grade student Anuva

I am Anuva . I want to tell you my corona fable. Corona has its disadvantages also and advantages.

So first, I would like to share the advantages which I get from the corona is:

  1. In this corona period, my family gets together because sometimes my father is at work and my mother also, grandmother and grandfather want peace and at last my small brother plays and studies by himself. So in this corona, my family plays a lot with us grandmother and grandfather also. We all have family time.

  2. In this corona, we get to know what Ramayan and Mahabharat are. It tells that from satyug to today what was it. It was fun to see it.

  3. I think family time is more important than anything. So we have some family time because without family we are half. And from Corona, we get some peace from our daily life.

Parents finding time to be with kids
Being with family, parents spending time with kids


  1. In corona, our schools are closed so we have to study online from our eyes getting spectacles and just now, I think 1 week ago the number of my eyes got 0.1 2. So the eye specialist tells us that we have online classes that why our number gets up. But we have studied so we have to do the online classes because the class is also necessary.

  2. We are getting fat because we do not have any type of exercise. One day I heard one news that children are also getting obese that can harm us. So we have to do exercise for our fitness.

Schools are closed and kids bear most stress

A healthy body is a healthy mind, and to have a healthy body we need to work out in the form of exercise or sports.

Peace is everywhere but we have to find that where the Peace is. Let peace flow in life which can help us so much, which can give us a happy life.

Thank You,


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