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One virus, one Divine will and a million lessons

I will not discuss here about who did it and where it happened, there has lot been shared over world media on how and why of virus,

It is one virus and so do we have one Divine energy but have you ever thought, what is the code of virus to human, let me help you recall again "break the chain".

Break the chain

Aren't these Divine words from a virus "break the chain"

what chain to break and what is virus asking us to do,

Is it simply asking us to get vaccinated or quarantine or purchase oxygen concentrators or masks or ventilators,

No, it has arrived to give Divine message "break the chain", now question is "break the chain" from what and how,

  • Break the chain from never ending greed or power,

  • Break the chain from Me, Mine or I,

  • Break the chain of destroying nature,

  • Break the chain of being more inhuman,

  • Break the chain of perceptions, judgements and prejudices,

  • Break the chain of self from within,

  • Break the chains of useless beliefs and fears (religious or non-religious),

  • Break the chain of praying for self, rather pray for everyone,

  • Break the chain of healing self, rather heal each other,

  • Break the chain to use living being as bait for power,

  • Break the chain of realization that nothing goes with you, impermanence,

The whole Divine message from Virus is of positivity rather being positive, we should learn to break the chain, once the chain reaction of breaking the chain starts, it will naturally help each one of us for smiles and peace,

We all suffer from STML (short term memory loss), once the lockdown is over, we are again back to our historic track, out in open, beaching, marketing, vacations and being normal except those who were unlucky to lose someone due to this pandemic,

The struggle for everyday survival is so big, that we are forced to forget past lessons, but Divine has His own ways to bring back memories to us, until we learn the lesson in our genes, till then, these pandemic of greed and survival will be keep on repeating,

We as human never realize that we all are in chain, chain of our thoughts, beliefs and judgements based on our very little experience or knowledge accumulated in our journey,
You can always blossom with new learning

Let us break the chain from within to create environment of harmony and happiness outside,


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