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Before you give up, think

Over the years I have witnessed and during the COVID time also I have come across many beautiful soul who sometime give up,

So what I am sharing here about giving up or do not give up, if any of your loved one is sick, do not give up on their health,

The reason behind sharing is, we do get demotivated and dejected when we hear from doctors about the health condition of our loved one, and at certain point we tend to lose and feel like we are giving up,

Don't give up

You or anyone whom you love are connected with you through soul and not through body, they, your soul or each other, chose each other to be connected in this life,

So if someone is sick, and even if doctors share they are trying their best, you should not give up and keep trying, why, because your energy, the energy of love and care through your soul speaks to the person who is sick, we might think he or she is not listening but always remember, soul is connected and your positive energy and faith in life flows from you to him or her and heal them,

Your soul energy heals

So before you get tired or feel like you are breaking down, don't give up, your soul energy and the one who are around helps a lot to the person who is in need of that energy, just have faith blind faith, yes he or she will recover and will smile once again,

This is soul healing, stay blessed and stay safe,

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