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Be the strength of each other by Carol

We’re up at our cottage in nature having a two week holiday before Wolfe’s next surgery, you wanted to know my Covid Story,

We lost a very good friend to Covid on April 14, 2021,

On Apt. 10 his wife one of my best friends was admitted to the hospital with Covid and the next day her husband was too. Their youngest daughter who is named after me phoned to tell us and said her Mom was in intensive care and they told her Dad would probably not survive as he refused the intubation.

Bless everyone in this journey called LIFE

She and I both cried on the phone together, on April 14 Bill passed away but they didn’t tell me as my Birthday was April.15.

I hadn’t heard anything so I looked in the Obituaries and there was his death announcement after a fierce battle of Covid it said.

One of the saddest things is that nobody got to see him or say goodbye.

My close friend is still in the hospital and was in and out of intensive care more than once with pneumonia and oxygen.

Be the strength of each other

Another very sad thing is she cannot go back to her apartment but they are in the process of choosing a care home for her, she never wanted this but Covid has done damage so that she is unable to care for herself. I talked with her a couple of days ago and she is looking forward to playing bridge and having some different things to eat. I am happy that she has found the strength to look forward to going and she will be looked after.

Peg and Bill had had the first vaccine two weeks before this happened.

Please send prayers to Peg, Heather and Colleen. Colleen is still not able to chat with me as she had another sad event, she had to put her dog down as he had serious bone cancer and this was right after her Dad’s passing.


Prayers for everyone well-being

We gave 50 trees to be planted in memory of Bill Hallam.

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