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Art of being humble, is the difference

We might have numerous reasons or justifications for not being humble to fellow humans or but if you are humble, that is the way of life, I came across a small story about Rajnikanth the megastar of India,

Once when he visited a temple in Bengaluru (India), in ordinary attire, a woman thought of him as a beggar and gave him 10 as charity or alms, he humbly accepted the money, when she noticed him getting into Benz car, she ran towards him, she realized her mistake and apologized for her actions, and requested him to return her money, he politely denied saying that "this is an act of God and He only ordered you to give me money and reminded me that I am nothing" his simplicity is his greatness,

Keeping us realizing that we are nothing is great penance, not many remember this truth in the life journey, in the glitter of eternal Maya or illusion, we forget who we are and forget to remain grounded and humble,

Everything we have is a blessing because we arrived here empty handed and anything beyond emptiness is a plus and when we finally depart, we are still empty, but what remains is our way of life, how we treat others and how much we created smiles in our life journey, think

Be humble sans ego, be thankful for everything you owe because in split of seconds we might dissolve in eternity, being humble in life makes our life more beautiful, graceful, and resonating eternal love around creating ripples, and it's free also, doesn't cost us anything, anyone can be humble, just have to realize your existence,

Stay blessed

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