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Angels do exist

Recently a young girl in her 20' or 30' posted a request on social media that she require Oxygen cylinder for her father suffering from corona and has no time left, if cylinder is not available within 4-5 hrs, she might lose her father,

Time was ticking with each second, and her hope to receive cylinder were falling, she prayed with all her heart and soul as time passed,

In the last hour or so, she received a knock on the door, she opened the door and saw a young man standing at the door, she asked who is he, he said, I saw your post for urgent need of oxygen cylinder and about your father condition,

Save trees else we will need these more

Here I have brought one for you as it was last one available with me, she was in awe and surprised too, she immediately took the cylinder, and gave oxygen to her father,

Prior to this, she asked about the price of cylinder with the person, he smiled and said, please asset your father first, price we can discuss later or I will come back later to know about your father well-being, then you can pay me,

Her father recovered after receiving oxygen, and since then she is trying to find out and still searching for the person who bought the cylinder to her, and she is no where to find that person,

God has its own plans for us, and over the years I have experienced myself too, there are no rules of worship, He will hear, the voice of every heart that is sincere,

We all have angel within us, we just need to realize our existence and that each one is a form of divine, not everyone who is asking for help or support is wrong, over the years we have wore black shades on our eyes and see everything in dark rather being in light,

Remove the glasses from eyes and see, the world is still beautiful and you are beautiful too, you are an angel too,

extend the helping hand of your angel to the one who require, may not be money, prayers work, healing works, kindness work and unconditional love works.
You are an angel too, angels do exist even today

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