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Angels are among us

We often encounter people in our lives who help us in ways we may not fully appreciate. These individuals can be seen as "angels" among us, as they bring positivity and goodness into our lives.

We need not to require see above for them
Angels are among us only

It's important to take the time to recognize and thank these individuals, as they make a significant difference in our lives. Rather than simply looking at their outer qualities or appearances, we should look deeper into their hearts and observe their actions and deeds.

By doing so, we can gain a higher level of awareness and appreciation for the people around us. Sometimes, the most ordinary and unassuming individuals can be our greatest sources of inspiration and help us believe in the goodness and miracles of life once again.

Angels doesn't come with wings, they are among us like us, human, working silently for universal welfare. respect them and love them,

Stay blessed

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