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Angels are among us

Let us take time to stop and thank people who help us as they are the ones who make a massive difference in our lives, to see and appreciate the soul of others is a higher state of awareness,

Just looking at their outer qualities provides a very limited and incomplete approach, look deep into their hearts and observe their deeds,

We are too focused on our and everyone outside image, and as per the saying "first impression is the last impression";we should never have first impression biased as per our limited accumulated knowledge over the years,

There can be many complexities to a individual, judging someone outright can be extremely wrong on each other part,

a blissful environment will be there when good energies come across, realize
When you come across an angel you will find yourself at peace
Sometimes angels are just simple people who help us believe in miracles again, they are the people who are working for us silently, without our knowing, but they are existing,

We take everything around us for granted, as it is, but never take pause to think, why it is happening and how it is happening for us,

You are also an angel., its just that you have not yet discovered your angel part, just too busy in me, mine and I,

Think sometime, how you reached the place where you are, was it only you alone or others too, who helped you to reach your milestones of life,

Stay blessed

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