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A classic way to Perception of life

We have read lot about perception of life and how it is different for different people under same situation,

Classic example is 9 and 6, when we see 9, it is 9 for me and 6 for you from different perception and learning’s we accumulated,

Classic 69 puzzle

Now let’s take same 9 and 6, how does 9 starts, from a zero and extends ahead and how does 6 starts, from the extension of 9 and ends at zero,

starting and ending on zero

In between these two extensions of 9 and 6 we have the paths of life,

So no matter whatever perception we have through accumulation, we since ages has started from zero as blank page and ended as zero,

No matter how much zig-zag the path is between two zero but reality is eternal truth,

We are zero, and zero has its own value, a 1 will be 1 until we add zero, it becomes 10 and so on, and if we keep adding zeros from you as single one (that is you as unique creation) we become infinite and merge into infinity, that’s from where we arrived,

This zigzag path has to be taken care by adding zeros of kindness, smiles, love, happiness and eternal dharma,
Start and ends with zeros, what you want to fill with

Then you have really added many zeros in your 1 or singularity and purpose of life is to remove duality, to become single, you and divine being one,

Think how you want to travel the journey between 2 zeros, keep guarding your perceptions of life and be happy on the accumulation of creating smiles,

Stay blessed

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