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Your eyes are beautiful

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Eyes are the doorway to the world, during lock-down we might be excessively using tv, mobile, iPad etc, make sure you take care of your eyes too as part of health program,

Specially kids, whose classes are also online now and parents sometime give them access to mobile and iPad or tv so kids do not disturb them, but remember, their eyes are in developing stage and required much more care then us,

You have nurtured but you are nurturing too,

Wash your eyes frequently and specially after every meal, this will help you to retain your sight, train yourself to not to touch your eyes now and then,

Do some eye yoga or exercise which is helpful in relaxing them, use cucumber as it has cooling effect on eyes, or rose water,

Enjoy the cool cool cucumber

These home remedies can help you and your kids to take care of your eyes too, above all keep away gadgets or time limit them if possible,

Play indoor games or if allowed outdoor games, build your immunity, work will never end,

Be safe, be healthy and be blessed

Please feel free to write me on, would be happy to assist you, its all about sharing, caring and loving...

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