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Why I am so poor?

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

One day a disciple asked his guru, "why I am so poor", the saint smiles and shared,"you are poor because you didn't learned to give and share"

Kids are most richest people in the world...

To which disciple said"I do not have anything to give so how can I give and share"

The saint smiled and said," you have a beautiful face, you can give one smile, you have been blessed with mouth and tongue, you can always give and share praise or give solace by speaking few good and sweet words for others, your hands, can always be used to help someone who is in need, and you say you have nothing to give and share"

The poorness of soul is the biggest poverty we have with us, once we learn to become rich from soul, we will see sharing and caring is our part of life and effortless act of kindness,

No one has ever become poor by sharing, caring and loving, create smiles, create peace and create self,

Share your smile, it cost nothing but create smiles

Stay blessed

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