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Why I am at receiving end of karma?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Recently someone asked me, SV, do karma exist and does they effect us and our life, karma is a very big word and if we look at its meaning, karma, (Sanskrit: कर्म, "act, action, performance") coming from the root kri meaning "to do," "to make."

In general there are three types of karma and their effects,

  • any act or deed;

  • the root of cause and effect; and

  • consequence or fruit to action, which we will have to bear sooner or later,

Now question is why certain thing happen to certain individual and why not to others, answer is, because of their karma, to explain in most simple words,

Break the shell from outside or inside

Lets say we sow a seed of mango and when it grows to a plant, it will produce only mangoes and not bananas or other fruit, it also depend how you nurture the seed, if nurturing and care is good, plant will grow and share good fruits,

Where does karma comes into play in mango tree, you sow the seed (act or deed), nurturing i.e soil, water, protecting from insects, urea etc and fruits are consequences,

Why me, because you are the person who sow the seed, and once you act or do some action, the seed is sowed, during a course of time that action develop into a tree and fruit, and then when fruit ripens, it falls down naturally, same way, what is happening with you now is the fruit which is falling after ripening on the ground,

What you sow you shall reap

Now imagine how many seeds had been sowed by you in past through your thoughts and actions, with time each seed grows into plant and bear fruit, now those fruits are falling on the ground and bursting, I am writing now is one of the fruit which was sowed by me in past, and that is why I am acting as SV through this body,

The decision made now will determine the future ones and that will determine the future choices given on the fruits, lets say fruit is ripen, before falling on earth and bursting, we can pluck it up and help to ripe and share it with the world,

The only color is black or white

We have been gifted with so called free will, free will means that we can choose how to act under the influence of a specific set of circumstances, positively or negatively; however, we cannot control the results of our actions which come upon us according to the law of karma are constantly awarding us the results or reactions of our previous actions,

As you attempt to resolve past karma, you unavoidably create new karma's that you may or may not be able to resolve in your present life because your past karma's gave you these choices and shaped you so like various species of mangoes, if you don't resolve them now, they will go into the storehouse to be resolved in a future life.

Karma operates unbiased, and give us opportunity at every moment to become open to greater levels of love and compassion, we with every thought and action evolve into greater levels of awareness and responsibility, remember every moment is a choice and once we accept complete responsibility for what we have done or will do and who we are along with the choices we made, life straightens out.

Karma-I saw that

This can only be achieved if we stop creating new debt account, means, not intending to do bad or wrong to anyone, not even in thought, we follow eternal love and compassion, realizing that every karma we are doing is towards eternity, once we realize that each karma is towards eternity, the thoughts and actions streamline our free will.

So think before doing any action, and think if it is creating or giving birth to credit or debt or right fruit,

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