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Why everything is not easy for us

Life is always sharing new plans for us, whatever we think and decide might not be accomplished according to us, at times,

Question is, why, why life is not easy and why can't we get everything easily,

The answer is real simple, if everything was so easy and simple, then everyone will find their joy and dreams,

Now think, if we all wish and bestowed with our wishes, you will forget the value of achievements, I am not saying, we all should always try difficult path, sometimes easy path is there but depends on many factors,

First is, we create so many excuses and reasons for not being able to pursue our plans, second, we compare every success with similar success and failures of others,

If they succeeded or failed, doesn't mean we will too get success or fail,

Why we succeed or fail, all start from our mind and implementing thought into action, moving out from our comfort zone,

Everybody wants to do good, but how many of us step out and go on the streets to do good, think,

You are already a success since birth because you arrived naked, and beyond nakedness, what you achieved, parents, walking, talking, clothing, food, shelter, education, and so on,

Realize the truth, we make plans but do we work for them,

stay blessed

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