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Why cannot we remember our past life?

Many a times it is asked to me what was I in our past life or why cant we remember our past life, to understand, let me share a ancient story where one day Shiva was having a walk with one of his disciple, and disciple also asked the same question to Shiva, why cant we remember our past lives, to which Shiva smiles and kept walking in silence, as they moved ahead, disciple saw a worm crawling on the branch, to which Shiva said, "Namah" to that worm, the disciple followed His words happily and said Namah, and worm died, to his surprise and when disciple looked up he saw a beautiful butterfly flying above his head, witnessing the beauty of butterfly he forgot the worm,

Admiring the beauty of butterfly, Shiva said say "Namah" to the butterfly, and disciple followed and said Namah, the butterfly died immediate, he was shocked to the beautiful butterfly lay dead, and he was mourning for butterfly, suddenly a beautiful golden color deer passed by, playing and jumping here and there and enjoying the nature, like a dance in nature lap, he forgot about butterfly and admired the charm of deer,

Witnessing the joy of disciple, Shiva said, say "Namah" to deer, to which disciple said no, he wont compile to His words this time, because he know what will happen to beautiful deer, like the last two times he will also die, to which Shiva again said "say Namah to deer" since He being Shiva the epitome of love and blessings, disciple again complied to His words and said Namah to deer,

And as expected deer collapsed in the ground and merged into eternity, he started crying and was deeply hurt, confused and in chaos, unable to understand, how can Shiva be so cruel and heartless, his eyes were in tears and felt so sorry that because of him everyone in past died, As he was mourning the death of deer, he saw at distance a very sweet kid came running to him followed by most lovely couple as kid parent, as the kid came close to the disciple, Shiva said, "say Namah to kid", disciple retaliated, "no way I am going to say Namah to kid, because saying Namah will lead to his death and I don't want to kill a child through me" disciple went ahead and shared with Shiva, "why cant you do it for yourself and say Namah to the child, who has not yet seen the world, not known and just learned to walk and enjoy the beauty and love of parents"

You changed worm into beautiful butterfly bestowed with colorful wings, then you transformed butterfly into four legged deer who can play, jump and enjoy the beauty of earth by walking on it, then you transformed deer into human form, blessing them with higher intelligence and abilities to enjoy the various forms of life and take care of each other and also of less mortals" By doing so you are stopping me to experience ultimate expression of life, which is witnessing the next level of existence beyond physical realms and tangibility, because all this is done through me,why are you doing this to me and why not allow me the eternal gift to learn beyond?

Remembering past life is of no use to you in this life because you have reached the best, the ultimate expression of life and its existence, being human is epitome of any life you lived in past, now you are human gifted with five senses and intelligence along with being mystical and magical experiences, why mystical and magical, because these five senses gifted are for physical realms but a life of limitless possibilities,

Walking and thinking beyond, spiritualism and mysticism experiences which none form can have, if you try to understand at more core level, you will realize that body has its time limit because whatever is created will merge too, so between creation and merging, the time allocated is our and how we use, Who you was in past or what you did is of no relevance and no help to you in PRESENT, you are beyond this body too, with limitless abilities and supreme knowledge, an opportunity which you have been bestowed to be YOU, and not someone else, how beautiful it is, the only opportunity you have, to experience life as you, use this time as this human being in this creation to experience life as you,

A one and only trip to witness creation, what you was, what you did and how you did, has no importance into NOW, what matters is NOW and who you are, worrying about who and how might make you miss the moment of now and stop you to create smiles, because we never know when Namah will be said and we move on to next beautiful realm, Be blessed always

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