Why are we lonely

Today evening I was sitting on the river side, and witnessing the beautiful human enjoying time, and made me think, inspite of all the luxuries of life why are we still becoming more complicated, no wonder we have conquered and have victory over most of the physical ailments but what about mind, why are we still alone and lonely, why are we trying to find the medication for our loneliness in this sensitive world of human,

Lone walk...

The thoughts flowed, where are the roots of loneliness, having all the facilities around us, what is one factor which is making us feel alone on such a large scale, is loneliness a phase, or psychology or problem, so many questions pondered within me, we might have different answers for the same as per our perception, for me the truth is, more we move far from our basic nature and entered the social life, the feeling of being alone started to follow us like shadow,

Being lonley or alone...

Human is born alone and that truth, coming back to existence, so human is alone as well as not alone, and another truth of being lonely is, from the existence we were unable to make a society which could accept what we are our real us, natural us, we started making a society on false beliefs, great expectations and inability of form originality within society,

The point of time where we are and standing tall with all the facilities, luxuries and comfort of life, we need lot more efforts to be free from this feeling of loneliness inspite of being surrounded by human,today we are unknown even from the closest person around us, because we have moved far from us and the norms has stopped us to share ourselves with each other rather seeking and finding ourselves in outside world, we have confined ourselves to gadgets, web of technology and non-sensitive things, forgetting the core nature of being human is sensitive,

Be like kids...

The more we are in the labyrinth more we are alone and more we are unable to communicate, fallen social circle, family and friends, leads us to a mode where we are unable to express our thought and we become dormant volcano, waiting to erupt one day, this dormant state channel our energy sometime in social rages in public,suicides and drugs,

The need of time is love but sad story is we want everyone to love us but we do not want to give love to everyone, we hold ourselves back in sharing our love and expect everyone to share, and for the same we are gradually changing the meaning of humanity, we have become calculative, calculative to an extent that we calculate each other contribution and why a certain human is sharing his/her love without expectation, the doubt for goodness has made us more lonely,

Doubt on goodness has made us blur

Its been time since I came home and now it is late night around 12:30 AM, the thoughts flowing like storm and I am sitting on the banks of my mind witnessing the storm and trying to find the right answer to the puzzle of loneliness,

Share your love and care with the loved once, have faith, not everyone expect something from you for their love and enjoy the bliss of sharing and receiving love,

Love is core and love is Divine...

Stay blessed

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