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Whose with you

Life has its own course or path, what goes up will come down, if not sooner but later, life includes many phases, dark and light, everyone is not rich and not everyone is poor,

What goes up will come down...

Sometime a time arrives when we are completely broke financially and mentally, during this phase we look out for our support and someone to reach out, in this phase only we realize and understand about life and people around, to build and reconstruct our life, few good soul who can be our friend or relative reach out to us and help either emotionally making us strong or by finance, but they help, sometime the help is out of there pocket and savings too, because they want to see reconstruct and smile,

Phases of life, dark or illusion

Time changes, and you become rich, once we reach the life of richness, do we keep connected with the ones who were like angel to us (even though they were not so happy financially), we are lost in the illusion of money and power, and want to overcome that frustration of being poor or broke by letting us engulf by eternal Maya,

The tunnel cannot be made alone to see light

Somewhere down the line we miss the entire episode, and the episode is, we should never forget those who were with us in our difficult days and who helped us out of their saving, if they are our friend then, they should be with us now also, irrespective of where they are, we should always keep those good souls as friends because due to them you reached again to your epitome in life,

Share your blessings

If there is sorrow then their is joy too, if you had your moments and shared them, lets share our moments of joy also...think

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