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Who am I from within?

A simple question "who am i from within" yet we are far more distance from the realization, who we are beyond are mind and body, do we ever ponder in this life journey by sitting silently,

Most of us are just running endlessly because we never know who we are and what we want, we are just following a pattern from ages and time,

We are travelling outside, trying our best to achieve that pattern of life aimlessly,

Why it is difficult for us to travel within when we devote our most of the time in travelling outside chasing our never ending desires,

Because in the aura of glare we have lost ourselves somewhere,

we find futile and waste of time in knowing who am I, rather investing that time to know the world and follow the pattern, start of chaos and losing peace of mind, creating fear of losing,

Thinking in solitude, what are you doing here, ponder, have insight to self, and that will be a new step in the journey called life

Stay blessed

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