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Which fruit you want?

Nature is our best teacher and if we really connect to nature we can learn from it very easily the art of living, have you ever witnessed, there are two types of fruits, one which are above ground like mangoes, guava, apple, banana etc and the second one (we categorize them as root or stem) are under the ground like potatoes, ginger, carrot, onion etc,

The fruits which are visible and gives fruit by their own naturally are taken care a lot with proper water, fertilize and shelter, these plants are ready to give fruits again and again, also we can plant their seeds again,

Which fruit you want

But the one who keep their fruits hidden are taken out from the roots itself and their existence perish, they cannot be used again except to replant them,

Similarly are we,

The human who shares his knowledge, money and energy in kindness and humanity, the humanity in return nourishes him and takes care of him with heart and soul while the one who hide his knowledge, money and energy within and for use of self only, not helping or supporting anyone, they are uprooted means we forget them and their existence with time,

Kindness is like loving a kid and see him grow with love

Which fruit you want to be, nature always shares kindness and gives us important message too, it is entirely on us to understand and implement,


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