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What is true prayer?

During worship if we are having a thought of being like Divine or being closer to Divine, is the real essence of any prayer, you pray silently He listens, you call HIM in your heart HE will definitely listen, HE need nothing, if your mind and heart is temple or church or mosque, then is the place where I reside, is My home, what process, what ritual, ask yourself, what is the meaning of prayer, is just a medium to reach Me and to connect with Me, to be one with Me, but if the same prayers divide you, then how can you be one with Me, how can you connect with Me,

Be like HIM...
Prayer with soul is key

The one who consider his devotion and prayers better then others, it is not a true prayer but pride and ego, to do prayers we do not need the attribute of being best rather we need to have the attribute of equality, equality can only be arrived when our mind is surrendered to Divine, where we see same in all,

Its all about being equal

Is prayer dependent on resources, content, rituals or processes, or is it dependent on the devotee's piousness, purity and thoughts,

if while doing prayers person remembers that how much devotion, piousness and grandeur he has used while praying, is not a prayer, on other hand if the person thinks that he doesn't have the requisite resources to do the prayers, then his prayers is also not truthful,

Prayer is only real and truth when the devotee has no thought except the Divine in his mind, there should be no ego, pride or hesitation, rather devotee should have a realization that he is not detached or different from Divine, and his Divine is not asunder to him, the one who think so, will also respect the other modes of prayer,

You will relalize, everything is same and every form is same...
Realize Divine in Prayer

To reach Me or be closer to ME, you do not need any medium, to be with ME just your piousness of soul and heart is enough, if the mind is not calm then how can you through any other medium be calmed, but if mind is pure then there arise no need of any medium, to pray we just need heart with pure love, a heart which lives with love every moment of life, and this can only be possible if the person loves him or her first, because journey to world starts with the realization of Divine within, love yourself, connect to self, until and unless you realizes the Divinity in yourself, you will not be able to see the divinity in others,

Not the body and dirt...
True prayer is to see the soul

True prayer is to love each other and care for each other, God in me is God in you, and we all share same be with all, stay blessed...

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 01, 2019

Prayer is all about heart and soul, need no grandeur to prove ones devotion, beautifully expressed Spiritual Veda

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