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What is spirituality or being spiritual?

Many friends always want to know what is spirituality and what is it being spiritual or said,

First of all, to be spiritual is not to be a Baba or esoteric, anyone can be spiritual, spiritual (अध्यात्म ) means to know the soul (आत्मा का अध्यन), why do we call it "knowing of the soul", because the soul is the form of the divine and the person who recognizes the God within himself has recognized and realized everything,

knowing of the soul
What is spirituality or being spiritual?

If we go back a few thousand years ago or go to the era where mankind was born, our focus in that period was nature, we used to consider only nature as our center of attention and devotion,.

Simply put, we were spiritual because we believed in creation through some big creation, over the time we changed the our thinking and that spirituality took the form of religion, meaning that since ancient times we were spiritual. We changed our spiritual meaning according to time and needs,

When we seek to assess and analyze our thinking and its result, it is spiritual because at that time we recognize the existence of Divine power inside us and understand that life is not just to eat and live but it is more ,

Sharing, caring and loving
Spiritual is all about being love

When you try to know the soul and understand that peace is inside and not in any particular material outside, no matter how much you seek outside, you will only keep searching for life, but in the end you will have to find peace within yourself, life will not get better any point of time by fixing outside,

And once you realize that the peace inside you, your thoughts and the action generated, will automatically create an infinitely calm environment inside you, which will be beneficial not only to you but also to the environment around you. You will bring thoughts that give you peace and those thoughts can only come to recognize the power inside you

Spirituality is just love, love with the presence of divine inside you, making trust and love your nature, which in return will always ignite love and compassion from you to the world around, resonating eternal bliss,
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Life is all about sharing, caring and loving

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