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What is real knowledge?

The knowledge which resonate ego, selfishness, hate, rage, anger, fear and unrest is nescience and the knowledge which resonates humbleness, peace, love, tolerance and acceptance of each other is real knowledge,

The one who is nescient uses his energy of knowledge to misuse and for the disturbance of peace, while the one who uses his energy for the wisdom, for responsibility of being human, creating smiles and peace of mind is real knowledge,

The core purpose of knowledge is being philanthropy or benevolence and creation, understanding the feelings of others, respecting their feelings is real knowledge,
knowledge is all about opening eyes

Because real knowledge is not just for us but also to make us empath for the pain, joy and feeling of others, while the one who disrespect others feelings and ignore others pain for selfish motive can never be real knowledge,

A nescient person is always engulfed and entangled in materialistic pleasures, attachments, fear of losing, never ending chase, and is a path to take us far from the eternal truth, while real knowledge takes a being towards eternal truth, leads to freedom of mind, body and soul and its epitome is Atma Gyan (knowledge of soul) and this is the wholeness of knowledge finally to moksha,

creating false image of self with high esteem
ignorance is augmented reality

The knowledge and nescience will always be there, but at the end of the day its the real knowledge which will keep blossoming the lotus in dirt,

Stay blessed

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