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What is Good Mantra for life?

We can control only ourselves and the processes happening within, we cannot control anything outside us, if a human could have controlled the world outside them, the world would have been lot different than today,

Do not blame yourself for anything, we are here to share good energies, whether other receive or not, is their journey,

Let me share a small example, we all wear slippers or shoes, why, because you cannot carpet the whole world to protect your feet,

The same way you cannot change the whole world but can always change yourself for the better,

We can just share but can’t change anyone until they want to change themselves or have an awakening as per their time,

The good mantra is to keep sharing love, keep praying for all and speak kind words, without any expectation of any sort or any change you can bring to the world, as per God time only everyone will change or have awakening but we should not stop sharing goodness,

What is outside you is never in your control, but what is inside you is your responsibility to control and react,

Just pray for universal welfare without any name and say, God, bless everyone with health, harmony, and happiness,

Stay blessed

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