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What does Spirituality do to you?

What is the role of spirituality in our day to day life, does it really help in maintaining calmness of mind in day-to-day difficult situations? or does it bring positive changes in us,

What is Spirituality, a common question many might have answered or pondered

Spirituality in most simple words means Adhyaatm, Adhyaatm means Aatma ka Adhyan (studying the soul), means knowing yourself, knowing your mind, body and soul,

Once you know yourself, your strength, your weakness, your life journey, peace will naturally prevail within you,

Calmness of mind and body will make you awaken and provide answers to day to day life situations, which we might not have in normal terms if not known self,

Once we know our existence and the existence of soul, mind and body, we tend to understand why this is happening to me, we immediately realizes "ok this is the mistake I have done, need to change the path",

Spirituality is not a magic wand, but is a gradual process of knowing self

Take your time to know your self, be it through any guru or guide or self, realize the existence and you will realize how peace prevails within through studying of your soul,

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