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What character do you hold

Where there is no melancholy of sweetness in character, any profile is worthless, and who has melancholy of sweetness, they are not restricted by the profile, the character is the real identity of any human, you cannot win anyone by your power but you can definitely make others smiles by your good character,

The qualities to be good is really simple, respect elders and speak with love to young ones, make yourself so approachable and easy that other person doesn't hesitate to share his life walks and talks, being stone-hearted will never help you reach anywhere in your journey called life, even the criticism or talking negative about others is not appreciated at soul level,

and the utnesils are used to feed...
Be a mud, which shapes as per need

We are too focused on our outer attributes like clothing and beauty but never try to beautify our inner self, which once done, will resonate even without makeups or grooming,

No matter how beautiful you are or how well built body you have, it is the character and the way you treat others matter most,

Soul beauty is real beauty
Beauty is skin deep

We can give many justification, world is cruel out there we have to be harsh and stone, but did we ever tried to be loving and caring in real sense, we love and care for materialistic purpose in general, try to express love without condition, try to glow with the real beauty, that is soul beauty,


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