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What about kids stress during Corona?

All these days we have been sharing, discussing and writing about our stress, our work home problems and our chaos but have we ever wondered what kids might be thinking, As a kid it is very difficult to contain them at home and being at home they too become bored and irritated, the questions they are asking is:

  • I am getting bored now, what should I do,

  • For how long will this last,

  • What about my birthday on 30th March and will I be inviting my friends too,

  • For how long I will watch tv or play indoor game,

  • Why can't we go our in our garden and play,

  • Restrictions on eating too, because we are concerned about their junk food health also,

  • Mom and dad, lets play something, mom and dad have their own concerns,

  • How much I will study in a day,

Kids are simple and sweet, their thoughts and queries have to be acknowledged with patience and time given, I think kids are in more stress then us, we can find ways to keep ourselves busy but for them as kids they need to play outside, meet friends and spent time with them, that's how their growth process is, development process is, A kid asked me Baba, why cant we I goto school and why we need to stay at home all day, why cant I go outside and play or visit mall? how will you address this question, Will you say, because government asked us to stay at home, as the corona virus is dangerous and spreads easily everywhere, and once it spread we can fall sick,

Spend quality time, have fun, nurture them

And what your child might be thinking on your answer, boy this is really dangerous and scary, we are all going to get sick and might die, this thought process start the birth of fear to unknown for his or her years to arrive, Rather we can share in alternative way, dear, beauty of virus is, it needs a human body to survive and multiply, now imagine if we all hide in our home, while virus will keep searching for us as he doesn't know where we hide because he cannot see but only spreads with touch and being near to sick person, so honey if are in hiding, he cannot find bodies and gradually will kill the virus, so why not kill the virus before he can find us, you are a warrior and being a warrior lets kill this enemy and stop the spread of evil,

Hide and seek

We need to keep patience because kids all have is us, we are their internet and source of information, how we share will nurture their soft mind too,

irrespective of what chaos we are from within, this should never be vent out on kids in any way,

Have a bond of love and care not of fear and negativity, be safe and be blessed everyone

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