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War is not but peace is the answer

War never happens between two people, it happens between the psyche or mentality or individual mindset of people involved. In war, there is no battle between good or bad; everyone has good or bad within, war is all about ego, in war, a person fights on the faith of his abilities and his so called might, but, once his faith is dented, he feels everything around him is nonsensical or futile.

The ego of self never lets him realize what he is creating for his loved ones and the world around, and he starts to think himself as supreme and beyond reach due to the accumulation of resources around.

Only peace is the answer to peace...
War is never an answer to peace...

To make a difference, we fight, break and destroy- just to reach nowhere, we can never understand the desire of illusion or delusion, but we can be the one or whole with the illusion or delusion, it is the time when we do not have desire but only existence of our desire, we are constantly in battle within, and this battle leads to actions which are not just futile in proving ourselves but also harms humanity.

The one who is defeated within, will see defeat everywhere around, and this feeling gives birth to rage, anger and frustration, guiding us to embark upon a journey of war to accumulate which was never ours,

Will see defeat everywhere around
The one who is defeated within...

Rather, each human is a mirror image of one another, each is one, each one is same, there is no valid reason for rage or jealousy, each one has same God, same Divine, names can be different but light is the same.

What is flowing within me is inside you too, but if we all have the same God, then why this jealousy and differences? this is a matter of subtle understanding and insight-one who understands this, will have all the differences and variances merged or dissolved, and will see image of oneself in each one, leaving no space of any kind of jealousy or rage or hatred,

Each human holds within that truth or existence of God, which can only be seen or felt when we try to see with deep insight, to discover that truth only, we seek within, through our mind, body and soul,

War is never an answer to peace, question is war with whom? with our images, peace is the only answer to peace. We are the owners of our peace, keepers of our peace. 

Actually, there is no difference between ‘You’ and ‘I’. at the core level, this difference seems very superficial,

Love is only liberation to peace
Spread love

Let us join hands, its all about images, whether we represent any nation or organization, our values at core is same, human, if liberation is the aim this is the ideal practice, stay blessed.

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