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Want to Relax-Shiva Dhyana Kriya Part-II

It's eleven P.M., it's been a long day and you're so tired., you crawl into bed, snuggle into your pillow, close your eyes, and --- nothing!, the start of another sleepless night, behind closed eyelids, your thoughts race a mile a minute.

Worrying, planning, thinking, thinking, thinking....

You roll over, take a deep breath, and will yourself to sleep, it doesn't work, the harder you try to fall asleep, the more your eyes try to pop open, the more you tell yourself not to think, the faster your thoughts fly.

Sleep is natural meditation....

Come on now, just relax...

That is far easier said than done, but there are Dhyana and Kriyas (Techniques) that might help you relax enough to drift off to sleep, no pills, no powders.

These are Dhyana and Kriyas (Techniques) that use the power of your own mind to release the stress and tension that keeps your mind whirling and prevents that much needed sleep,

Dhyana means focus...focus

It's a method of consciously directing your attention to alter your state of consciousness, in other words, it's concentrating so fully on something else that you forget all the things your mind was busy with.

What should you concentrate on? almost anything, a symbol, such as a pendulum or a light, a candle makes an excellent meditation vehicle, repeated sounds, humming, music, chanting, the throb of a drum.

Think of beauty of past or present

But one of the best methods of meditation is to concentrate on your own breathing, Deep breath in, Hold it, Deep breath out, Hold it, get a rhythm going.

The idea is to make your focus not blank, thoughts will continue to flutter through your head. Ignore them, tell them to take a hike, they are not important.

Shiva Dhyana Kriya is a unique meditation Dhyana Kriya which can be practiced by anyone, no formal training is required, as you continue to meditate for a month, as you practice day by day, you'll feel stress and tension floating away with each exhaled breath,

Meditate like Shiva

For more information and help with Shiva Dhyana Kriya, sent us your query on meditation or Dhyana (focus), I will lead you through several excellent mediation exercises and remedies for your day-to-day problems.

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