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Unlock the awakening, you have the key always

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

While walking around, my dear friend Vikrant asked, SV, why is it that sometime we are touched by spiritual words or messages or text, they just hit us and we start having tears and realize how true they are,

It is all about with whom we connect
Spiritual text or walk is must

I smiled at my friend, said to him, lets walk more to answer this question, after few more steps, I can see inquisitiveness on my friend Vikrant face, I knew time has arrived to answer his query, going ahead, I said, my dear friend sometime when we come across any spiritual text or talks, it touches our soul because we all are born spiritual or as quote says,"spiritual being having temporary human experience" that's what happen to us,

We are not learning something new but these text and messages help or activate our old age learning to remember, in other words we are remembering what we have already known,

It’s already in us, inscribed, we just need to connect to those who let us make our memory back and awaken, our saints and sages didn't learn something new but through chants and mantras they activated the pandora of knowledge and awareness which was already in them, for example Buddha or Ramakrishna Paramhansa or Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj,

Hold the key to unlock the door of spiritual awakening
We all have been incarnated

So my friend, try to surround yourself with good words, spiritual discourses or text, you are already Divine, just need to activate yourself and these texts are key to the activation,

Vikrant said, that make sense my dear SV, and from where you acquired this knowledge, I laughed and said lets keep walking, when time arrive you will know....

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Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda
Feb 15, 2020

@laila khan, thank you for the kindness, yes it is all there within us, just need to connect, stay blessed always


Laila khan khan
Laila khan khan
Feb 10, 2020

I too this morning when walking my dog, heard birds chirping, saw a blue sky with clouds, and wondered why I was overwhelmed with feelings of love....

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