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Time, money and proper system

A friend of mine while discussing shared, SV, I will be happy if I can earn around 2M a year, that will create a proper system in my life, I smiled and asked, my dear friend, lets say I give you 2M and you make a proper system,

What does proper system mean to you, simply to maintain this proper system you will and want to create another proper system of 4M and to maintain 4M you will build another proper system of 8M and so on, so this system never ends, whole life we will be busy creating and destroying systems,

Because the fear of losing the system will be greater then enjoying the life, lets say, you have a system, now what if that system starts working backward, will you be able to sustain and manage self of the losses,

No, because you will start fearing "what if I lose my house, money, etc" and in doing so we build system of CPA, Lawyers, doctors etc to maintain that system,

Money is never a benchmark for happiness, it is temporary feeling of happiness, real happiness is peace of mind and calmness within,

Time, we cannot predict, how much we have or for how long we will be building system, we invest our valuable time in creating systems which are not permanent and in doing so, with time we start the fear of losing,

You can count the money but one can never count the time left,
So the only system which is proper is now, where you are standing, there is nothing named like proper system in universe,

Its all impermanence, so be in present, enjoy the gifts of love and care you have been bestowed by Divine creation,

Most of the time either we live in past or in future but forget the gift (present), build your present with love, care and kindness, the only system that last eternal is how much you loved others, be kind and being more humane,

Stay blessed

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