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The Story of a Skull...

One day while walking in the forest track, a saint came across a human skull, he ignored it and walk pass through, then some thought arrived in his mind and he return back to that skull, picked it up and saw closely, on the skull was written "something is pending of this",

Something is pending of this

He was not able to figure out what does that mean, what is pending of that skull or what exactly does it mean, thinking about this, he walked ahead with skull in hand, traveling more in thoughts, he thought,

"it might be someone else have also found it and tossed it in forest, might be someone has buried but somehow it is visible again to me, or how many years is this skull roaming here and there and how many hands it has witnessed or being picked or tossed, how many seasons it must have experienced,"

Journey continued and finally he bought the skull at home and kept it in his cupboard, in the morning saint went for his regular prayers and meditation, and his wife, as a daily course was cleansing the house, found the skull in saint cupboard, she picked it up and read the same "something is pending of this", she thought, saint must have picked it without any intention and kept it here, she took the skull, crushed it to dust and immersed it in flowing water of a river nearby,

River-the flow of life...

When saint returned from prayers, he went to check the skull, not founding at its place, he asked the wife, and she explained about crushing the skull to dust and immersing in flowing river,

Saint listened her peacefully, sat again to meditate and phrase flashed in his mind "something is pending of this"

Stay blessed

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