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The Connected Garden, where is it?

Imagine a place that's not like our normal world. It's a garden where everything is connected in a special way. Each thing in this garden, like a flower, is a part of the universe.

One day, someone very wise came to this garden. They had a special ability to use the energy of the universe to help things. When they touched a dying flower, it started getting better. The flower became bright and healthy again.

Another person, who liked to rely on facts and science, saw this and didn't understand. They asked, "How can you do something that science can't explain?"

The wise person smiled and said, "Science can explain a lot, but there are things beyond what we know. Just like light can act like both a tiny particle and a wave, healing can also happen in ways we don't fully understand. It's not about beliefs or theories, it's about using the hidden energy that connects everything."

As the flower got better, its colors seemed to reach into places we can't normally see. The curious person, now more open-minded, sat near the healed flower and felt a strange kind of energy. It was like a link to everything around.

In this special garden, stories about how things exist went beyond our usual ideas of time and space.

The wise person kept helping, not because of beliefs or rules, but because they felt how the universe ties everything together.

Stay blessed

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