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Technology Fasting

Many a times people ask SV, why do you go silent now and then and even on WhatsApp, I have only five contacts on my whatsapp, so does that mean I am not connected or I am not social, well I think I am not restricted in reaching or others reaching me, whether instant communication or relaxed,

Today, we are so much connected with laptop, desktop, iPad, smartphones, tv and other similar audio video aids, why aids, because they aid and add, making us more dependent day by day,

Life is not on the other side of screen...

There is strong need for everyone to do fasting, fasting from technology atleast once a week, to unwire self and to realize we also posses our own soul and intellect, nothing will change in one day or for few hours,

While sleep also, our phones are active and subconsciously we are connected, first thing in morning we do is check all messages and likes and comments whether on WhatsApp, Skype or fb or insta as if we missed something or fear that how many liked or commented,

Who is getting smarter? think

Rather waking up, watching out of the window or thank God or bowing to God at your sacred place,

We are so wired that we need to detox at times and fast one day, by doing so we might also be able check how strong will we are and can we really resist ourselves from unknown addictions (which we might have never realIzed)

We have forgotten the beauty of life and in finding the beauty we have entangled ourselves in labyrinth of wires and networks,

Open your windows in morning and see world is waiting

We are in race of being connected and updated and more smart and is called technology ego, proving that we are more connected, the mind is never free, but busy in sending, forwarding, liking or commenting, network,

Rain starts, drops pour and we immediately update, it’s raining here wow what a weather, rather keeping phone aside and stepping out to enjoy weather with family and friends, but we are in hurry to make others know that we are feeling excited and happy about rain:)

Touch the world not click the world...

Whether on dinner table or park or restaurant or family, we are engrossed, forgetting our own existence and all wired,

Can’t we just take one digital fast in week or month, and get connected to self and others, with better connection then the smart technology, not a big ask, peace is where mind is free,


Enjoy the world outside and have technology FASTING

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