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Story of Milarepa

Please allow me to share a small story of Milarepa, a famous Tibetan saint around the world, he was only seven when his father died, his relatives took over his property and wealth and mistreated him and his family, his mother, bitter, sent Milarepa to train in black magic, to wreak revenge on those who had blighted her life, she was given her wish, Milarepa proved adept at the practices he was taught, and unleashed a tide of destruction, killing many.

Milarepa the Siddha

But he came to regret his actions, and looked for help in shedding the bad karma he had acquired during his vengeful adolescence, he first attached himself to the Nyingmapa Lama Rongton, who, observing that Milarepa had a karmic connection to Marpa, sent him to learn with him, Marpa, being aware that Milarepa had first of all to purify himself from the negative karma he had accumulated, exposed him to an extremely hard apprenticeship.

Among other trials, he had to build towers out of rocks to Marpa’s specifications with his bare hands, only to be ordered to tear them down again, but finally, Marpa gave Milarepa full transmissions of all the Mahamudra teachings from Naropa, Maitripa and other Indian masters.

Milarepa the buddhist saint

Practicing these teachings for many years in isolated mountain retreats, Milarepa attained enlightenment, he gained fame for his incredible perseverance in practice and for his spontaneous songs of realisation, of his many students, Gampopa became his main lineage holder.

The reason to share the story is, either we make our pain our sorrow and sulk or we make our pain a source of constructive creativity and seek the Divine presence within, once we realize the existence of Divine within us, each act knowingly or unknowingly will resonate peace and create smiles, we always have choices,

Realizing the Divine within

Stay blessed and keep sharing your love,

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