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Saint, Sadhana and Save World

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Few days back Vikrant and I was sitting in the park, watching so many beautiful soul enjoying, some doing evening walk, some jogging, kids playing, parents silently watching their kids and smiling, Vikrant said, Veda Shri, why do we wait, I said, wait for what, my friend said, why do we wait to be kind or do good, do you see kids here, each one is playing with each other, running, falling, helping each other, core is to have joy rest helping each other is natural flow, so why do we have to wait to do goodness,

Why wait for goodness?

I smiled and said to my friend, ok, let me share a small story about a saint who want to do goodness, so he thought let me first acquire knowledge through sadhana and once I am awaken I will be able to help anyone efficiently, so he sat under a tree and started meditating,

He sat there without eating or drinking anything, as days passed by, he started losing his health, became thin and weak, but there was someone who was watching that saint everyday, and she was a small girl who use to roam there with her goats, she use to see the saint everyday, and also saw his health deteriorate,

Saint and meditation

One fine day she went to the saint and disturbed his meditation, when saint opened his eyes, he saw the small girl standing infront of him, she said, I have been watching you everyday and see you going from healthy to thin and weak, why are you sitting here and doing what, saint said, I am meditating here under this tree, to acquire right knowledge so I can do welfare of the human and humanity, the girl smiled and said, but tell me how can you do welfare when you will be so weak and thin that you cant even walk and stand, and if you continue this way, you will perish, then what will happen to your welfare,

Awakened by small girl

She said, I am very small and have no much knowledge about world, but I think rather sitting under tree, you just walk and do good, its that simple, just walk and help, what is the problem, why are you waiting to get equipped first with all the knowledge and awakening, this way you will spent whole life in search of that knowledge to good rather doing any good, she saint real knowledge is knowledge of doing good and not sitting under tree waiting for knowledge,

The saint understood her words, and that was true awakening for saint, he then thought what mistake I was doing and realized, he thanked the kid, and in turn she gave her fruits and milk to gain strength and embark on a journey to do good,

Peace prevailed

So my dear friend Vikrant, we are like saint, waiting in our world for knowledge, resources and events to happen then we will step out and do good, during this process of waiting, we will be ruining our mind by enclosing in a shell and whole life waiting like saint, thinking that we are meditating to do goodness,

It was late, we started walking back to the ashram, a smile was there on Vikrant face and said, Veda Shri, now I know how you embarked, we laughed

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