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Sad, Sorrow, Depression & Joy, Part-V

mission to educate people on the damage caused by cyber bullying and digital dangers

Thought is a battle, every breath is a war, and you are a warrior who can win, taking ahead in purpose, human spirit can never die and so is the courage to keep walking,

Gary Payne interdictum a parvis animis. "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift that lives outside the box." and true as my friend quoted, he has sacred gift to see beyond the words and feel the pain which are not shared,

Frequencies appear to be emerging as a way to change ones mind, I find this fascinating as it is so obvious given the universe and its vibrations.

Children, while we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what all is life about, Gary Payne through Cyber Parental Guardians with a mission to educate people on the damage caused by cyber-bullying and digital dangers and creating awareness which will help parents and kids to understand each other better, each mission takes birth from source and his story, well read for yourself:

"Ahh a very easy question for me to answer. There are two times in my life that changed who i am forever. But first there is an event that gave me the strength to overcome both. When i was of 21 years my parents got me a car. A sports car worth perhaps 40,000 at the time. Just 13 months i was getting ready to join the highway when it suffered a rear tire blowout. Two and a half flips later it landed in its roof. Climbing out of the car, i sat a hundred yards down from it as the engine continued to run. As i cursed realizing i was going to be late to. The party a passers-by stopped turned the engine off and removed the key. His partner stopped by the trunk and picked something up. It was a book. I will always remember him saying this fell out of your trunk as he handed me the book.

So from that day on i knew there was a purpose for me greater than i know

So to the two moments in my life when i faced depression

When my first wife left me, the hardest pary was she took with her my month old daughter,

She left to be with her new man, kid stepfather.

So betrayed in two sides was i, this situation taught me of the reason mel gibson playing Martin Riggs in lethal weapon always watched the three stooges, I could not watch any television unless it was cartoons. All

But i visited with a clairvoyant at the time who said this time you are in now. All you have to do is wake every morning and breathe, So i did, And for 6 months i added to that the idea that every morning and every night i would remind my self that i was not crazy

My theory being that the day i forgot or stopped asking myself was the day that i was. After 6 months or so i regained access to my daughter and life improved, Now 5 years later the girl i was dating became good friends with my daughter who was 6 at the time, And my daughter started to say hie she wanted to live with us, Which i just found cute at the time

But the ex did not, One argument later and i was once again separated from my daughter

What kept me alive that time was.the fight to see her again, Learning of the injustice of fathers rights etc i started a group called children first, this came from an idea following a radii show i was interviewed on. Speaking about my situation a few listeners had called in to say it was depressing them.

At that point I realized, nobody wanted to hear my story and how i felt, or how unfair it was for me, it wasn't about me or the Ex. What mattered was my daughters Rights, Children first, That battle lasted over a year, But dragged me through depression.

Depression is nothing more and nothing less than the inability to control or change ones situation, And i was Fighting to change it.

A long story short. Around 16 months later and two arrests for causing harassment to my ex wife through musical messages i met my wife i live with now, as part if my movement i collected 10 music tracks from alienated parents around the world. My intentions was to deliver their messages as well as my own

I will share the video i made about it


So to answer your question more directly on sadness and depression as you may need it.

Hope , All they need is hope , As long as they feel their is something they have control of The darkness is pure and simple loss if hope and control,

So if your going to enter their mind make them see options, at each dead end choose a path , No matter how small, The taking options and making choices is what is lost

Stay blessed"

You can reach Gary Payne

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