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Sad,Sorrow,Depression & Joy, Part-IV

Thought is a battle, every breath is a war, and you are a warrior who can win, taking ahead in purpose, human spirit can never die and so is the courage to keep walking,

It is my honor to share the beautiful thoughts of my dear friend Richard Dipilla ,

Building Human Bridges around the world at Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation

My friend journey has been a beautiful example to humanity how some life event can start the biggest movement in creating humanity and being more human around globe, one small step by Richard then is now a voice of masses around world,

In his own words

"When I founded Global Goodwill Ambassadors years ago, I had no idea that it would become a beacon of light for so many good hearted people from around the world. Once discovered, I now realize that the value of human kindness is immeasurable."

How and why the Global Goodwill Ambassadors was formed is a story of heart, love and care, anyone out there, we all can bring change to the world around, just that we need to be the change and take first step without fear but with faith, here is the core to Global Goodwill Ambassadors:

"I still recall my sister’s voice on that phone call. Three word's that tore into my heart like a knife. "Richard, Pierre died". Grief swept over me. Sadness, loneliness, and anger. My brother Pierre was a mere eighteen months my elder. Life has dealt him a debilitating mental health handicap, a life of isolation, and the worst of humanity manifested toward this gentle, kind, man through ignorance and mistreatment.

When we face these inevitable events, we obtain a new kind of spiritual clarity.

Time takes on a new understanding. We are fed an spoonful of wisdom thats bitter taste remains with us always. 

If not for my family and faith I would not have found my way to live with and move forward with that bitter taste.

Ultimately, understanding that our humanity includes lessons that challenge our faith and offer us the opportunity to use the wisdom they yield to to persevere. I knew that it was important to lead a better life. To help others who carry heavy crosses in life. To share my experience to better prepare others for the bitter pills that they too will face and need to endure through. That very year I started Global Goodwill Ambassadors."

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Spiritual Veda
Spiritual Veda

Thank you @ritu for the kind message, stay blessed



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