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River of life...

The other day I was sitting with one of my known friend, having coffee in the afternoon, he was sharing about his life and said, "SV, few months from now I will be retiring from my work, and if I look back in my life, I see, I have always worked and worked, first to make life and living and then to build kids education, career, marriage, and now they are the birds flown out of nest, I am here sitting with you, pondering what I did for self or is it for this I was born"

So SV, am I at content or satisfied, I am still thinking when I look back at life, listening him I could recall a small story which I shared with him too, the story of a saint sitting on the bank of river, saint was sitting there doing nothing for sometime, like he is waiting for something,

A passerby who stopped to acknowledge him, asked him, why are you sitting here and doing nothing, just watching the river and its flow, the saint said, child, I am waiting, waiting for the river to run out of flow or let the entire flow happen, listening to saint words, the passerby was more confused,and said, come on how can that be possible, this flow will never end, and you will be waiting entire life and still flow own stop or dry out,

Saint shared, true very true, this is what I want to convey to all, you all keep on sharing to the world and self, let the responsibilities of life be over then you will enjoy life, will travel, will meet all, help others etc, but like the river flow, the flow never ends, it is continious and always existing,

We have to either swim through the flow or build bridge, apart from these two options, there is no way you can cross the flow except waiting for time and finally departing not realizing and knowing what you did whole life, the life will end but not the work,

I shared with my friend, you have to either swim across or build bridge, it is never late to start a new beginning, go ahead and do what you want, if not now when, but never wait for the flow to stop or river to dry, saint gradually walked on his path and so did I, saying adieu to my friend, who was smiling,

Touch someone heart and touch someone soul,

Stay blessed

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