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Real Knowledge

A beautiful piece of from my brain archive i would love to share to today, about a young sage in search of God, the sage embarked on a journey to find God and landed up in a Ashram, after fifteen days of stay as Ashram, he was bored because the old Guru use to repeat same stories, topics and words everyday, the young sage thought, this old Guru is not fit for me as his knowledge is very limited and nothing new for me to learn, early in morning I will leave the ashram,

Awakening is all about learning

But at night something happened, which made the young sage never leave the ashram, actually that night another sage arrived to ashram and everyone in ashram collected to meet him and to listen his thoughts,

The sage shared many knowledgeable thoughts and spoke about Upnishads, Vedas, Puranas and other sacred text, his details to text were marvelous and majestic, his knowledge was amazing and everyone around him listened to him hypnotized,

Knowledge is prayer

Our young sage thought, Guru should be like him, so vast ocean of knowledge and sharing so many new things of awareness, and one is his Guru, who doesn't know anything except few repetitive thoughts, the old Guru must be sad and unhappy that whole life he didn't learned anything while this new unknown sage is all about knowledge,

The new sage who arrived at that night asked the old Guru, how do you find my thoughts and words, the old Guru laughed out loud and said since last two hours I am trying to listen you but you have not spoken a word, you don't even speak a word,

Knowldge is all about truth

To which the guest sage said, I am speaking non-stop for two hours, are you mad that you have not listened me and says I have not spoken at all, the old Guru said, true, you speaking for two hours, but from inside you Gita spoke, Upnishad spoke, Vedas spoke and so are the other sacred texts came out from you but you never spoke, from you doesn't came out any word, you didn't spoke a single word, whatever you spoke was all learnt from others or text, all which you remember, crammed like a parrot, and that is why I said you don't speak but books inside you speak,

Books is all about awarness but not knowledge

Think...the knowledge we have gathered is learnt and acquired but not experienced, its like on lending we have taken that knowledge and are never able to know the real truth or knowledge, and we thought we have acquired all but in real sense, we have only learnt about the path or address of that knowledge, imagine you know the address of someone but doesn't reach the destination, how will you realize the journey,

Learning is all about expereincing...

Truly ignorant and being knowledgeable ignorant or being in illusion that you are most knowledgeable and third type is the one who has experienced and undergone that learning by embarking on the path, his thirst is alive, his inquisitiveness is alive and his moksha is alive..

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