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Purpose of life and Money

To fulfill the basic requirements of life, money is important but if we start to make our desires or wishes as our necessity and start giving importance to them, then no matter how much we accumulate in terms of materialistic gains, will never be more, because desires are ever-ending,

For the above same, the human make money accumulation as the ultimate purpose of their life, thus becoming greedy and forgets that the main purpose of life is to come close to Divine, not me, mine or I.

Never ending accumulation is chaos
Money is important

Such human until the end or at the time of death too, keep on thinking, what they were not able to get and what was left to achieve, and during those moments also they never think of Divine, never realizing the meaningless, futility and worthlessness of their entire life,

Life is all about love

No matter how much money we accumulate, basic requirements remains the same, food to eat, shelter to live and clothes to cover body, once we attain these basic requirements, anything above this accumulation is desires or wishes,

If you have more then basic wealth,learn to share, learn to share with others who are unable to fulfill their basic requirements, through you they can be motivated to make a living and take care of their loved ones,

Love, care and share

By doing so, there will be equality in world, keeping no room for jealousy and rage, but goodwill and good faith will prevail, try to be a hand of giver not taker always, see what difference you create around you and peace of mind start to prevail when you start to share your accumulation, be it wealth or knowledge or kindness unconditionally and without expecting any returns of Karma.

Joy is in sharing

If you knew what I know about the power of giving you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way-Buddha

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