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Prayer is all about Devotion

It was the time after Mahabharata war was over, Draupadi was sitting in her garden and remembering about the past incidents, at that time arrived her all time savior Bhagwan Krishna.

Shri Krishna and the symphony of Life

Bhagwan Krishna: Sakhii! Why are you sad?You should be happy that at last you avenged your dishonor.

Draupadi: Govind don’t act like that you don't know anything, yes all my vows have been fulfilled, but can I ask you something to which you should reply honestly, you've led the Mahabharata war, with many tactics you reestablished Dharma, ALL ARE TRUE, but when Dushasan caught on my hair and dragged me to the court at last moment only you came to rescue me but I was shamed on the whole court.

The Eternal Krishna always around

Why didn't you come to my rescue when Dushasana was approaching me? If you had rescued me no Mahabharata war would have took place. Answer me.

To which Bhagwan Krishna replied with a smile.

Bhagwan Krishna: It was not my fault, when Dushasana was approaching you, you should have remembered me, but you believed in your own strength and fought against him, when you were dragged into the court you called out everyone except me for the help, when you thought nobody is going to help you, you called for me for my help, I'm not residing in Dwaraka or in Vaikunth, I reside in the heart of a true worshiper, if you would have called out for my help when Dushasan approached you, I would have come for your rescue.

After hearing this Draupadi fell to his feet.”

You are loved, realize that eternal love and its presence...

We can only seek God if we realize ourselves as the awakened one and presence of God within, until then the search and birth are eternal, again and again, seek within, it is never outside...

Stay blessed

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