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Praises-learn to digest

The sweetness of words spoken by others always gives a pleasant feelings within, further more, whenever a person praises or share sweet words, they start to have positive change on our personality and the same person is liked most, the words of praise, not only enters through ears but get dissolved like sugar in water in our mind and heart, giving us the feelings of solace,

Praises....are like fog...

The above solace is also a starting point for are many turmoil with which we cover ourselves, because sometimes praises holds within them the hidden negative energy in its core, praises effect us in two ways, either they make us do good deed changing us for good or they make us egoist or ego consciousness leading to our debacle,

Compliment life like are two feet...

Let the praises directed towards you motivate you to do good and cultivate goodness through your actions, intelligent person start digesting the praises sweetness for right path and right action while a ignorant person takes them as pride or ego consciousness, making his/her I or ME more stronger,

Let go of Ego and expectations...

We should not let I or ME grow, it will be a storm which will not only ruin us but also the surroundings, stay blessed

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