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Nature and Human, difference

I belong to none but I am with everyone

Yesterday i was sitting with my close friend and he was sharing about how there is divide across world in name of religion, color and sex,

While listening to him, my thoughts started to flow, on the way back, witnessing the moment and the beauty of nature, I realized how beautiful the nature is,

For example, trees, they grow around the world across globe, same is with rains, sun and moon, the four seasons, flora and fauna,

Nature is equally present everywhere across world, irrespective of whether it is USA, Italy, Germany, Africa, Australia, Greenland or Asia, right, yes right,

Has nature every made any differences in distributing the existence of its blessings, has nature ever thought that I should rain less because in certain community lies the certain color or more in different color area, or has it ever made difference in Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jews or Palestinian or has nature ever made difference because of caste, color or sect,

If Sun is shining it will shine across world, if it rains, will rain across world and if there is beauty of moon, it will be across world, for nature its just human no color or caste or sect,

We are also part of that nature, so why are we creating differences among us, is it helping our survival or creating a safe home from the differences we create,

I would be with anyone who says that next door neighbor is of different color and caste, so there will be less sunshine from now or less rain from now on,

Can anyone make it happen, and if one cannot make that happen then none has the right to create differences in the world where Divine Creation in itself is blessings to the world and its existence equally, who are we to create differences,


Can you control the five elements earth, wind, fire, sky and ether to shower their blessings on certain human or area and not to others,

Touch someone soul, touch someone heart
You are not alone, connect to connect

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