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Moksha and why one should attain?

Coming back to Moskha or Mukthi, for me Moksha is nothing, before I start sharing on Moksha, please allow me to share the important attributes of knowledge and ignorance, when we give birth to anger, jealously, rage, frustration, animosity, ego, pride or fear is all about ignorance, while on other hand, if a human is calm, patient, joyous, peaceful and beyond fear is all about knowledge, the one who think of others before his interest and motivate world around to learn to be happy and create smiles is knowledge, the basic purpose of knowledge is to be philanthropic, understanding others and respecting their feelings is knowledge, makes us empath not just for self but for the feelings of others,

Knowledge is bliss

Ignorance of knowledge lead a human into materialistic pleasure and taking care of his five senses only, beyond which he or she cannot think, respecting self but not respecting others, knowledge take you closer to eternal truth, knowledge leads us to liberation, a path to Moksha and the core to this liberation through knowledge is Atma Gyana or Soul Knowledge and this is the completeness of knowledge and when you are complete then you are nothing, except witness to event,

Atma Gyana or Soul Kknowledge is eternal truth

It is said, Moksha you achieve once you pass from this world and merge to eternity, I say no, Moksha is here only, I will not return once merge to share whether I achieved Moksha or not, but what I can share while alive is understanding the consequences of our thoughts and action leading to eternal bliss, that is Moksha, with time we have complicated Moksha and the meaning of Moksha,

If someone really wants to achieve Moksha, just try to have the right knowledge about existence rather riding on five horses and traveling here and there without any purpose,

Karma reverberates

But question arises, aren't we human, yes we are human and we will do mistakes, we will have greed and we will have pressures of life where our knowledge is over powered by the necessity of time and duties, the answer is simple, try to be as close as to truth and try not to hurt anyone intentionally, that is Moksha or liberation, once we imbibe these values in our life, we will see and witness eternal bliss, becoming more silent and enjoying the peace within, for the same, our old age sages used to be silent and just being witness, because they understood the truth and truth about Moksha,

Soul journey is always inside out...

I love the question why should one attain Moksha while most ask how should we attain Moksha, that's what knowledge is all about, until and unless you liberate yourself from this eternal cycle of good or bad or five senses how can you attain eternal peace or Atma Gyana which in turn resonate and creates ripples of peace around you, Gautama Buddha achieved Nirvana not for self but to become knowledge one and then share the truth of existence, remember knowledge is to share, all the Vedas, Manu or Puranas are knowledge shared to us to realize why we are here and who we are,

Nirvana of mind leads to Moksha

We keep on repeating the chakra of life and death until we realize our existence and why we are here, just enjoy the journey called life as life is learning in for ever, if one is learning and evolving for better, one has to do nothing, automatically one achieves or attains Moksha,

Stay blessed,

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