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Mantra for nasal and lungs disease-Atharva Veda

Updated: May 1, 2021

मुञ्च शीर्षक्तया उत कास एनं परुष्परुराविवेशा यो अस्य । यो अभ्रजा वातजा यश्च शुष्मो वनस्पतीन्सचतां पर्वतांश्च।।३

muccha shirshaqtaya ut kaas enag paruspruraavivesha yo asya ।

abhraja vaatjaa yashcha shushmo vanaspatieensachataang parvrataang aschya ।।

This mantra is from Atharva Veda (yakshamnashan sukta chapter 12) chanting 11,21,51 or 108 times wil help you to a certain in speedy recovery of nasal and lungs problem,

Atharva Veda

Remember, to heal anyone we have to heal him or her from science as well as alternate science, we all try holistic viewpoint,


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