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Little insects that make a big difference

Updated: May 10, 2019

In the morning today when I was in shower and as water droplets hugged me, immediately I noticed near my left feet, an ant, the water from shower surrounded the ant and she was trying her best to come out from the water around her and move to more secure and dry place.

I stopped the shower so water should not suffocate her, went out and bought a piece paper, sat down and put that piece of paper near the dry area inbetween the water, so ant could climb and I will be able to place her with her group, she didn't climbed, although she touched the paper few times but didn't climbed, then she stopped, motionless, like meditating on something, the water was closing to her gradually, and after a minute or so, she climbed the paper, immediately I took her to her group, but seems group was not willing to accept her, so she moved alone and as I watched, I saw gradually one by one each ant started to talk to her and finally she was in the group happy and doing her karmas again,

Although it is a small incidence but life is same, when we are surrounded by problems, we start to panic like ant, trying to make break through at any cost and in this process we exhaust ourselves, we never try to sit quietly and connect, sometime we find answer and sometime we find helping hand like the paper which I gave to ant to climb on it, God is always helping us, its just that we do not realize at times, the ant was quiet and then as she felt the way on paper,

When we are surrounded by problems, and make a return, the ant group left her and did not interact with her, until they found that she is OK and back to normal, same is our world, human detach from each other when someone is in problem, and when the person return, like group of ant, we also take time to accept the person and cross check for his/her normal attitude,

I was happy to see that ant is with her group and would always be happy to see we are helping each other to climb the piece of paper and goto to a secure and dry destination, just need to identify the hand, paper and ability to share our blessings, by connecting within, some quiet moments in chaos is always appreciated by soul,

Stay blessed,

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